How to start a TAZ-LAZ Box!

TAZ-LAZ boxes have to be easily-accessible, protected from the elements, and frequently tended to by the community. So you have to make sure of box the location and the type of box you're using. See below the different directions you can take with setting up your own TAZ-LAZ box!

Starting an Outdoor Box

The majority of our TAZ-LAZ boxes are located outside, and have been very successful! The first step is picking a spot. It's best to find a safe, heavily trafficked, easily accessible area, that is protected from the elements. TAZ-LAZ boxes are community-run, so really take into account how often you think people will see the box and stop by. You probably will also have to get permission to install the box, so don't forget to confirm that!

Once you pick a perfect spot, find a perfect box, and customize it to your liking, you can slap a TAZ-LAZ flyer right above the box, fill it with zines & art, and let us know on instagram or discord that its good to go!

Starting an Indoor Box

There are quite a few indoor TAZ-LAZ boxes throughout Mass. If you get permission from the venue, just put it in a great spot that gets attention and care. So our most successful indoor boxes have been ones placed in artist spaces, or libraries. But whats fun aboout starting an indoor box is not having to worry about waterproofing! So you can go all out on customizing a fun zine-drop.

Some ideas we've done for indoor boxes have been using milk crates, or magazine holders, but there are a ton of options. Just make sure its a confined box, and is easy to use!

Media for starting a TAZ Box

The only thing you need from us to start a box is a flyer. Feel free to design and customize your box however you like, and just print out one of our flyers to give artists and readers some information about the TAZ-LAZ project. See here for all our TAZ-LAZ media.